Summer Camp 2020

9:00am @ 30 Sep 2020

5:00pm @ 3 Oct 2020

€ 550


4-day training with the best of the best Freestyle Aufgussmasters of the world! 

“Lukasz King Silecta”, “Martijn Vanhoorelbeke”, “Jareth Geluk”, Michel Vonk”, “Jacqueline and Rob Keijzer”

And Pirts workshops from “Mara Zute and Benoit de Bock”

If you like to bring your waving techniques to a higher level then come from 30th September till 3rd October 2020 to “Learning Freestyle Summer Camp”  in Thermae2000, 

Cauberg 25-27, 6301 BT Valkenburg The Netherlands. 


The program consists of: 

– Freestyle training, including modern/classic divided into groups and takes place in a large fitnessroom;

– Freestyle training in the Event sauna;

– Take care of the different Freestyle aufgusses in the Event sauna.

– Open Workshops; DMX light and sound, essential oil, heat in the sauna.

Costs for this 4 day course 550, (incl. sauna entrance, lunch, dinner, water and soft drinks, (non alcoholic drinks)) 

Registration to