Wartherhof Modern Aufguss Championships

10:00am @ 8 Dec 2023

10:00pm @ 9 Dec 2023

€ 2 nicht, 2 days all-in till 6pm (no alcohol) €300,-

Wellnesshotel Wartherhof Austria, Warth am Arlberg

“Wartherhof Modern Aufguss Championship”, a new event with the best national and world champions. They provide 2 aufgusses that are assessed by an international jury.

Modern/classic; this is an aufguss where the heat distribution important is. Provided with beautiful waving techniques with appropriate music. Each master must perform 2 aufgusses, 1 with his own music and the 2nd aufguss will be performed with a musician who plays live on various instruments in the cabin (jambe, drum, didgeridoo etc). The master must be harmony with the music. This is something unique and has never been performed in a competition context.


Phone: +43-5583 3504

Email: hotel@wartherhof.at

Website: www.warherhof.at