Welcome on the website of Rob Keijzer, International Master and Trainer of Aufguss and Founder of ToWell Advice and Training.

As a specialised trainer of aufguss-masters, it is my mission to bring the aufguss to a higher level. Having finished 1st in WM-Aufguss 2014. 2015 and 2016, I know the tricks of the trade….

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Personal experience

After having worked for 15 years as a saunamaster and instructor at Thermen Bussloo in the Netherlands, I decided to become a freelance international trainer and adviser in the aufguss.

Aufguss as an Art

For me personally, aufguss is a Way of Life and an Art.

An Art that can be learned and perfected.

Teaching this Art is not only my profession, but also my greatest passion!

Three types of Aufguss

Aufguss has undergone a tremendous development over recent years and has become increasingly popular in the whole of Europe. Originally a Löyly ritual, the aufguss can now be divided into three types: a traditional aufguss and a show-aufguss. In the latter, we entertain the customers with a show that combines music, light, sound and various waving-techniques. New Freestyle, modern/classic (efficient swing with beautiful transitions and feeling and waving on the music) and a lot of show techniques.

Classic Aufguss (infusion)

The basis for a good showaufguss is the control of a good classic aufguss. In the classic aufguss it is essential to know how heat arises, and how to move this heat in the right direction in combination with essential oils, so that the guests have a positive experience.

The Show Aufguss

Once one masters the basic principles of a classic aufguss, one can focus on the show-aufguss.

In a show-aufguss a number of additional aspects are involved:


The show should have a central theme that is positive.


one should master various waving-techniques,  such as single- and doublehanded, synchronous and asynchronous techniques. Moreover, these should all generate heat. The control of both the classic and show-techniques is an absolute must for a good show-aufguss.


the guests should feel that you as a master are completely one with your theme. They should forget about time as they blend into your show. This can be realised by using emotion, passion, involving your guests in the aufguss, etc.

Tools and devices

make use of materials that will provide your aufguss with an extra dimension, such as posters, special waving-towels, specific light and sound effects, etc.

We stay on top!

The developments in show-aufguss never stop and we make sure to always stay on top. ToWell Advice and Training is specialised in training and advising of both classic and show-aufguss.

Freestyle Aufguss

Master of Freestyle Aufguss is a battle between two aufguss-masters over 3 rounds in which the first 2 rounds Modern/Classic waving. The last round is freestyle waving.