Consultancy in the Sauna and Wellness Industry

The perfect sauna is custom-made

Every little detail counts when you are building a sauna and ToWell can give you the right advice thanks to his extensive experience in the Wellness industry.

Every sauna is unique

When you want to build a sauna, it is extremely important to have the right information from the start. A plan will save you problems that may otherwise be difficult to solve at a later stage. Keep in mind that only a perfectly built and tailored cabin will allow you to enjoy your best sauna experience.

The perfect sauna cabin has the right combination of these factors:

  • a sauna stove in the right place (taking into consideration air circulation),
  • sufficient space to move around,
  • floor cooling for safety and hygiene,
  • a good mix of light and sound effects, which will help achieve optimal results,
  • the location of the benches to maximize efficiency while keeping the right level of comfort,
  • drainage, air circulation, and materials that are adjusted to the use of that particular cabin.

Both commercial professionals and private individuals can benefit from our personalized advice. Small details can have a big impact on building a sauna and when discovered too late, they can turn into big costs. We can advise you on both the technical features of the construction and the more experience-related aspects such as lights and sound effects.

Advice at any stage

  • Advice on the technical features based on the floor plan/blueprint;
  • Analysis of potential improvements for an existing sauna;
  • Advice on renovations;
  • Build in computer-controlled light techniques.;

ToWell will test the (new) cabin extensively with infusions and other sauna rituals. The results of the test will help us make the necessary adjustments to make it the best sauna cabin for you.

One-Stop Shop

ToWell has gained extensive knowledge through years of experience as sauna specialist, aufguss master, and trainer. He also has many contacts in the Sauna and Wellness Industry. ToWell gives lectures, training, and shows throughout Europe. Thanks to his technical background he has optimized a computer-controlled light and sound system. This makes our consultancy firm unique: a one-stop-shop concept for the perfect sauna experience.

An experience for the senses

Wellness is a sensory experience. It’s not just about the relaxing effects of a traditional sauna infusion or the lights and sound effects. It’s also about the scents, the passion and the use of essential oils that will turn a visit to the sauna into a soothing and restful experience.