“Aufguss Master” Basic Course – 3 days


The sauna culture and aufguss as an essential part of that, has undergone a tremendous development over recent years and has become increasingly popular in the whole of Europe.

Up and until a few years ago, aufguss was only available in major public wellnesscenters, and usually performed in the classic style by people who had not been trained to do so.

It is our goal to improve and professionalise the aufguss, particularly to bring and keep the quality and standard of the aufguss and sauna experience on a higher level, always focusing on the wellbeing of the guests.

This course is aimed primarily at learning the classic aufguss. Regular sauna visits enhance the resilience of the human mind and body, centering around the concept of relaxation. Furthermore, this course provides information on show-aufguss, which is becoming increasingly popular among sauna guests.


duration / time / place

3 Day Training on-site

content of the training

The characteristics of different types of sauna

Hygiene and safety

Sauna rituals

Things to know about sauna sessions

Classic waving- techniques

Temperature and humidity

Essential oils

Physical aspects of sauna sessions

Cooling down and physical effects



N.B. 50 percent of this course is Practice!