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“Over the course of designing and building two world class spas in Las Vegas, I came into contact with Rob Keijzer, who has been instrumental in the development of the Aufguss community here in Las Vegas. Rob supported the opening of the Lapis Spa & Wellness inside the famed Fontainebleau hotel. Rob has helped the sauna masters elevate the sauna experience for the guests. He trained the team on the history, culture and international traditions of the sweat culture. Rob is an excellent trainer for the beginner to more advance towel waving skills.  He designed the aufguss shows and support the technology behind the sauna show experience.  We are grateful for Rob’s participation in our sauna programming.  

Jennifer Lynn
Director, Spa & Wellnes
Fontainebleau Las Vegas



Eventsauna at Farris Bad


As Scandinavia`s leading spa-hotel the Farris Bad spa-resort in Norway started in 2016 the idea phase of building one of the best event saunas in the world by collaborating with ToWell consultancy. In november 2018 it was finished and the results are amazing.

ToWell consultancy to make project optimal

As we wanted to create a world class aufguss event sauna for 100pax. we needed professionals with world class experience and knowledge. By hiring 3 x world champion Aufguss master Rob Keijzer we have the best knowledge of how the sauna ​should work​ for optimal effect to avoid making mistakes. As Mr. Rob Keijzer has the total experience as a sauna master but also experience of technical support within the sauna from lights, sound, smoke, equipment and structure positioning of this, ToWell is the best choice available.

ToWell and Mr. Keijzer was consultant in all phases within the project. From structure and design to complete delivery, design and DMX training of light and sound concept for the sauna.

By having ToWell following the whole process from beginning to end we have had a professional and very good communicative understanding between all companies connected to the project. The project phase, building phase and delivery/opening phase has been a wonderful and comfortable journey for us by having mr. Rob Keijzer with his profound knowledge as our consultant.

We highly recommend​ ToWell with Rob Keijzer as consultant, light/sound build and training company for any spa who want to avoid expensive mistakes and create optimal experiences for their guests and staff.

ToWells main areas within the project event sauna Farris Bad was:

●  Project designing sauna – measurements, ideas, locate challenges and optimize

●  Project Light & Sound – complete design and setup of full system

●  Pre-training – training of staff technical (dmx) use of equipment and sauna

●  Follow up training of staff technical (dmx) use of equipment and sauna

●  Delivery of solid equipment towels, buckets, ladls etc for optimal use

If any questions please contact l​​ – tlf: +4792046678 Lasse Eriksen – Development Manager

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Project Othership Toronto Canada.

Rob Keijzer at Towell has been an invaluable source for me and my business partner Amanda as we have journeyed along the cultivation of our Toronto-based bathhouse concept, from seed into full manifestation.

I originally got to know Rob three years ago from two sauna master courses and an essential oil course that I signed up for from across the Atlantic. Soon after upon meeting him, I knew that I had hit the jackpot – I had found the mentor that I was meant train under. His knowledge for the sauna, aufguss, and all things spa is absolutely invaluable. This is information, knowledge, training that cannot be learned from any book, from any website, or anyone else.

Since the 10 day intensive training with Rob in person, he has continued to be a consultant and mentor as we build out our spa – Othership, here in Toronto. He has helped with the intricate details of sauna design. I think of each piece of his advice as little tidbits of gold – subtle, yet upon close inspection, they elevate the sauna and sauna experience from average to exceptional – world class.

Rob is the man. He’s professional, he’s genuine, he’s a pleasure to work with. He’s a friend, and he’s truly the authority on aufguss, sauna, and all things related.

Harry Taylor, co-founder, Othership