Course and Training

“Towell Courses” can provide the following courses

Sauna-master – basic Course (3 days on-site)

Advanced Aufguss-master Course (3 days on-site)

Show-aufguss Light and Sound (1 day)

On the page “Courses” you will find more information.
Are you interested or want to know more? Please send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Who is Rob Keijzer

16 years working as a saunameester and instructor. I am classic trained and that is the basis for a good showaufguss.

2024, Organizer and Jury Elaisa Live Music World Cup

2023, Founder and Organizer Aufguss-WCF

2023, Organizer Battle of Gladiators

2022, Trainer & Coach Hortencia Hernandez, Champion Belgium Aufguss-BK

2021, 1st Dutch Championship (Aufguss NK) in single and 2nd in Team with my wife Jacqueline

2021, Organizer Modern/classic championship Wartherhof

2020, Founder and Organizer Master Freestyle Aufguss MFA

2019, Member international Jury Aufguss-WM

2019, Organizer Summer Camp

2019, Organizer Master Freestyle Aufguss MFA

2018, Member of the Jury Aufguss-WM

2018, 1st Single, 2nd Team with Jacqueline Keijzer in Badewelt Sinsheim – Sommer Sauna Cup

2018, Organizing events “Masters of Freestyle Aufguss” women and men

2017, Support the coordination and networking for the interest group AUFGUSS-WM international.

2016, 1st Classic Aufguss Cup at Thermen Bussloo

2016, 1st Aufguss-WM

2016, 2nd Czech International Championship

2015, 1st Aufguss-WM

2015, 3rd Aufguss-EM

2014, 1st Aufguss-WM

2013, 7th Aufguss-WM

Certified Instructor by Cron4    logo cron4